Products manufactured by TriMark are lubricated and shipped with the minimum amount of lubrication to function correctly when they leave the factory. Many products have a dry-type solid film lubricant applied that will give years of trouble free performance however; mechanical products do require maintenance and periodic lubrication. The application of a quality lubricant such as Cen-Pe-Co HTLD Grease or its equivalent, will maintain the quality and performance of the TriMark products.

TriMark ensures high performance grease is used and demonstrates excellent mechanical stability with no breakdown after 100,000 cycles. In addition, it has excellent thermal stability and performs well over a wide temperature range. It is also resistant to water and provides corrosion resistance.

Lock Cylinder Lubrication:

Under certain conditions the TriMark lock cylinder can experience corrosion build-up that can cause the lock shutter to stick open and the key insertion to be slightly difficult. Depending on application and environmental conditions, the following recommendations should be used: 1) For indoor use - no maintenance is necessary. 2) For outdoor use in areas that endure constant exposure to snow and rain - lubricate with "Tri-Flow" or any other lightweight oil every 3 months. Coastal areas that have constant exposure to salt atmosphere may require more frequent applications 3) For outdoor use in areas where there is not constant exposure to moisture and dust - No lubrication is recommended. Do Not use a heavy grease or WD-40.

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