We understand you have an idea that you think may be of interest to TriMark Corporation.

At the outset, let us say that TriMark Corporation is committed to growth, and much of our past growth can be traced to new ideas and we appreciate the fact that you are interested in sharing your ideas with us. You must understand, however, that although your idea may be very good, we may not be able to utilize it because it does not meet TriMark Corporation's product idea requirements. If you do decide to submit your idea, please review the following and make the appropriate selection whether to continue with your product idea suggestion.

Statements you agree to:
  • You acknowledge that all product idea suggestions submitted are received by TriMark Corporation on a non-confidential basis without any obligation to implement or provide remuneration in any way if any product idea, suggestion or enhancement is subsequently used or sold by TriMark Corporation.
  • You acknowledge that TriMark Corporation may have already evaluated similar product ideas and may have designed products similar to the idea submitted.
  • You acknowledge that all information and/or materials submitted with the product idea suggestion will be retained and held as the property of TriMark Corporation.
  • You acknowledge that TriMark Corporation is not obligated to inform you regarding anything we previously knew or have discovered since you submitted your product idea.

Statements TriMark Corporation agrees to:
  • We acknowledge that all information you discuss with us will be kept completely confidential.
  • We acknowledge that if the product idea scope and category is something TriMark Corporation would like to pursue further, TriMark Corporation will contact you to formalize a bi-direction confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.