Welcome to TIPS - TriMark's Interactive Product Selector

TriMark offers you five options for developing a catalog product search that is the right one for you! It's quick, easy and convenient.
Search By Number/Keyword "Product Quick Search"

Fast and convenient access if you know a part number or have information on TriMark product code classifications or product names and descriptions. Start this search from the top of any TriMark website page.

If you are searching for products in Latches, Handles or Hinges, this search approach will allow you to compare multiple products with similar functions, features, materials and finishes.

Do you need to locate multiple product solutions for a specific industry or system? One click and you are on your way.

If you have a general idea of the solution for which you are looking or are familiar with TriMark's main product categories, this might the right starting point for your search.

This search will allow you to select from TriMark's main platforms.

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