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You will see from our on-line catalogue (Trimark Interactive Product Selector - TIPS) that TriMark has a very extensive product range. Please bear in mind that some of these parts are "make to order" and so consequently are not held in finished goods inventory. Lead times for for such parts can be up to 16 weeks and some have minimum order quanties.

In order to maximise stock availablity and also offer best value for money TriMark Europe has produced a Distributor Parts Catalogue which is shown below. These parts are usually available from stock through our appointed Distributors. This range is selected to give maximum flexiblity in applications and value for money.

We hope you find what you are looking for, if not, or you just want some more information, please ask!

Please click the categories to see what you want: Rotary Latches, Paddle Handles, Push Button Handles, Rotating Handles, Door Hardware Sets, Window Hold Open, Accessories.

Rotary Latches
050-0100 Two-Rotor Latch
050-0110 Two-Rotor Latch 1-Position
050-0103 Two-Rotor Latch 2-Position Intertrip
050-0107 Two-Rotor Latch With Coaxial Trip
050-0170 Two-Rotor Latch With Bellcrank Linkage
050-0200 Slimline Rotary Latch
050-0204 Slimline Latch With Inline Trip Lever
050-0210 Slimline Rotary Latch Single Position
050-0300 Single Rotor Latch
050-0500 Single rotor Mini-Latch
Push Button Handles
040-0400 Push Button Centre Control
040-0600 TriMount Push Button Handle
Rotating Handles
010-0600 Flush Mounted Pop-Up "T" Handle
010-0700 Light Duty Compartment Latch
070-0100 .500" Diameter Striker Bolt
070-0200 .675" Diameter Striker Bolt
070-0201 .550 Diameter Striker Bolt
070-0300 .375 Diameter Striker Bolt
070-0400 12mm Striker Bolt
100-0410 Cage Nut
090-0100 Rod Clips
Paddle Handles
030-0175 Stamped Steel Compartment Latch
030-0200 Paddle Handle
030-0250 Paddle Handle With Inside Release Lever
030-0400 Paddle Handle
030-0425 Inside Bezel & Release Lever Assembly
030-0450 2-Point Paddle Handle
030-0500 Pivoting Catch Compartment Latch
030-0550 Heavy Duty Pivoting Catch Compartment Latch
030-0600 Rotating Catch Compartment Latch
030-1100 2-Point Paddle Handle
030-1125 Paddle Handle With Hook
030-1300 D-Paddle Handle
060-0800 Slam Action Paddle Assembly
060-0901 Low Profile Plunger Bolt
130-0100 Dual Release Door Hold-Open
Door Hardware Sets
060-0650 Motor Home Entrance Door Hardware With Dead Bolt Option
100-1000 Sliding Door Hardware
Window Hold Open
090-0520 Window Hold-Open
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