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130-0100 Dual Release Door Hold-Open

Designed For:

  • Light to medium duty agricultural, construction or other equipment personnel doors that need to be held in an open position
  • Any application where it is desirable to hold or retain a hinged door in an open position


  • Engineered plastic withstands corrosion and UV exposure and has a lower coefficient of friction, reducing closing and operating efforts
  • Striker shroud is thermoplastic rubber (TPR) to help absorb door shock loads


  • Easy to install with special thread forming screws (included)
  • Flange mounting and gaskets (included) permits through glass mounting


  • Simple, easy to use, rotating knob/pin latch
  • Engineered to withstand vibration, shock, dust, dirt and moisture
  • Ergonomic knob design: Two-stage lead in helps align the striker and receiver to compensate for door sag.
  • Universal design: Rotating knob(s) allows for the door to be released from the open position from either the inside of the cab or from the ground level
  • Durability in tough applications
  • Easy to install
  • Easily adaptable to a wide variety of door/cab configurations. Fills a niche between the lost cost "friction type" hold-opens and top end rotary and bayonet style products presently available.


  • With gasket options to adapt to a wide range of door/cab thickness
  • CAUTION:Door hold-open is not designed to secure a door in the closed position and does not comply with FMVSS 206
Part Number Mounting SKU Number
19375-01 Striker/Receiver Set 5-6mm (.197-.236) 1300100-0302
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