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050-0110 Two-Rotor 1-Position Latch

Designed For:

  • Medium to heavy weight doors for on or off-highway applications
  • Door thicknesses of 1-7/8" (47.6mm) or greater
  • Door weights of 50-200 lbs. (23-91kg)
  • Door seal pressures of 50-150 lbs. (23-68kg) (suggested for best results)
  • Applications where it is desireable to have a single position rotary latch


  • Internal latch components: heat treated, smooth edge stamped steel
  • Case halves: high strength steel
  • Springs: non-corrosive stainless steel springs


  • Zinc plated, yellow chromate steel components


  • Four M6 X 1 grade 8.8-type fasteners are required (not included). Tighten to the fastener manufacturers' recommended torque value, however, do not exceed 120 in-lbs (13.3 N-m)
  • Fastener mounting hole diameter should not exceed .281" (7.1mm)

Use With:

Internal Lubrication:

  • Oven-cured dry lubricant is applied at factory on all critical moving parts
  • CAUTION: Single-position, double rotor latches do not comply with FMVSS 206 requirements
Part Number Handing Mounting Actuation Actuation Feature Actuation Support SKU Number
15507-01 Right hand M6 X 1.0 Conventional -straight, right hand nose, 1.101 (28.0mm), spring hole Torsion Spring Standard mount 0500110-106-11024-11
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