080-0550 Downsized Grapple Compression Latch

This new grapple style compression latch is designed for compartments, access panels and hoods for off-highway vehicle applications that are subject to high vibration loads. Similar in function to TriMark’s 080-0500 Grapple Style Compression Latch, this version offers a space saving design that is retrofittable to popular competitor latches. Offering 5mm (.197") of compression, the three robust opposing jaws work with a striker diameter of 8.0-9.5mm (.315”-.375”), providing a high level of resistance to vibration, shock and wear.


  • Its use in gasketed applications meets requirements for environmental sealing, noise and airflow management - helps reduce or eliminate noise and rattle caused by vibration
  • Provides sturdy door support to eliminate extra wear/stress on door hinges as seen with other latches that provide minimal support
  • Sealed housing provides for minimal intrusion of dirt and water
  • Intuitive open and close actuation does not require a turning operation with the handle
  • Handle provides over-center action and remains up (flagged) when latch is open providing clear open/closed status
  • Designed to fit mounting cutout of popular competitor latches (86mm/3.39" square mounting)


  • Locking options - Padlockable only or Padlockable and key locking
    • Provisions to accept a standard padlock, plus it can be keyed to match other TriMark door products with KeyOne Plus for a single-key system, keyed alike or provided keyed random


  • Handle: Sturdy die cast zinc alloy
  • Latch and housing: Steel construction


  • Standard: zinc plate, clear chromate conversion coat for maximum paint adhesion and resistance to rust
  • Optional: black powder coated housing and handle or combination black powder coated housing and buffed chrome handle


  • (4) 6mm or 1/4" diameter steel "pop" rivets, M6 or 1/4-20 screws (not included)

Individual part dimensions are for reference only. Refer to individual part drawings for complete dimensions, specifications, and installation procedures. Engineering assistance and application drawings are available.

U.S. Patent No. 8,770,635

U.S. Design Patent No. D913,075

Typical Uses

Typical application use illustrations are organized by Industry/System and are intended to give the user some ideas for specifying a complete system using TriMark products.

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080-0550 Downsized Grapple Compression Latch

  • Agricultural Tractor / Combine

    Access Panels

    Engine Compartments / Hoods

  • Armored Vehicle

    Exterior Storage Compartments

  • Construction - Heavy Earthmoving

    Access Panels

    Engine Compartments / Hoods

  • Construction - Lifting and Material Handling

    Engine Compartments / Hoods

  • Construction - Light Earthmoving

    Access Panels

    Engine Compartments / Hoods

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0800550-3012-000000000-138970-02 Medium Gloss Black         .280" Diameter (7.0mm)A/A
0800550-3012-72D250000-138970-04 Medium Gloss Black         .280" Diameter (7.0mm)A/A
0800550-3012-900000000-138969-02 Medium Gloss Black         .280" Diameter (7.0mm)A/A
0800550-3015-000000000-138970-01 Zinc Plate/Clear Chromate         .280" Diameter (7.0mm)A/A
0800550-3015-900000000-138969-01 Zinc Plate/Clear Chromate         .280" Diameter (7.0mm)A/A
0800550-3099-000000000-138970-03 Medium Gloss Black Housing/Buffed Chrome Handle         .280" Diameter (7.0mm)A/A
0800550-3099-900000000-138969-03 Medium Gloss Black Housing/Buffed Chrome Handle         .280" Diameter (7.0mm)A/A
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