010-7200 Turnbuckle Catch

These very useful, easy to operate and low cost turnbuckles can be used in a multitude of ways for closing and hold back panels and doors.


  • L-shape style


  • Several styling, material, and finish options (please inquire)


  • Glass filled nylon (shown)
  • Zinc casting



  • Standard black (shown)
  • Chrome plated
  • Silver painted


  • Easy to install, (2) 4.5mm diameter CSK through holes

Individual part dimensions are for reference only. Refer to individual part drawings for complete dimensions, specifications, and installation procedures. Engineering assistance and application drawings are available.

Typical Uses

Typical application use illustrations are organized by Industry/System and are intended to give the user some ideas for specifying a complete system using TriMark products.

Not all Industry/System applications have typical use illustrations. If a typical use illustration is not available for your specific application, please submit a technical product information request and a technical representative can assist you in selecting a product(s) solution for your specific application.

010-7200 Turnbuckle Catch

  • Bus / Motorcoach / Mass Transit

    Interior Compartments

  • Construction - Heavy Earthmoving

    Interior Compartments

  • Construction - Lifting and Material Handling

    Interior Compartments

  • Construction - Light Earthmoving

    Interior Compartments

  • Heavy Truck / Sleeper Cabs

    Interior Compartments

  • Motor Homes

    Interior Compartments

  • Power Sports

    Glove Boxes

    Tool Boxes

  • Trailers - Ranch / Farm / Cargo / Utility

    Interior Compartments

  • Travel Trailer / 5th Wheel

    Baggage Doors

    Interior Compartments

Please specify search criteria:

CompareCatalog NumberTriMark NumberMaterialFinishMounting WidthCatch HeightCatchStatus CodeSample RequestCAD Drawing
0107200-1-005-2-6-053-04 Zinc Chrome 29mm 2.34mm NoA/A
0107200-1-005-2-6-153-04-164 Zinc Chrome 29mm 2.34mm YesA/A
0107200-1-012-0-4-04175-03 Zinc Black NA 164.3mm (5.29) NoA/A
0107200-1-012-1-1-04153-03 Zinc Black 35mm 16.25mm NoA/A
0107200-1-012-1-2-05025-03 Zinc Black 35mm 13mm NoA/A
0107200-1-012-1-3-04532-03 Zinc Black 35mm 5mm NoA/A
0107200-1-030-1-3-04532-09 Zinc Brown 35mm 5mm NoA/A
0107200-1-119-1-1-04153-02 Zinc Aluglos 35mm 16.25mm NoA/A
0107200-1-119-1-3-04532-02 Zinc Aluglos 35mm 5mm NoA/A
0107200-2-021-1-3-04670-03 Nylon Black Nylon 35mm 5mm NoA/A
0107200-2-021-1-5-04680-03 Nylon Black Nylon 35mm 8.3mm NoA/A
0107200-2-022-1-3-04670-34 Nylon Brown Nylon 35mm 5mm NoA/A
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