020-0870 Power Locking Pull Handle With Capacitive Sensor - PKE

TriMark's new 020-0870 e-LOCK Pull Handle for off-road applications, allows use with TriMark's Gen 3 e-ASK Passive Keyless Entry System featuring integrated capacitive sensor, PKE circuit board and power lock/unlocking motor drive. Based on the proven 020-0850, this robust pull handle brings the latest automotive functionality and convenience to your cabs and enclosures.

Designed For

  • Medium to heavy-duty agricultural and construction personnel doors
  • Off-highway vehicle applications that require a direct release surface mounted exterior pull handle and "state-of-the-art" Passive Keyless Entry


  • Extends the product range of TriMark's 020-0850 e-LOCK Pull Handle with integrated Capacitive Sensor and Passive Keyless Entry PCB board into the base. This minimizes footprint profile of handle to maximize visibility to of user:
  • Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) provides for "hands free" unlocking
    • When the users hand enters the field under the handle portion, the system wakes up
    • This activity energizes the exterior antenna, FOBs in range will respond with their serial numbers in a data packet sent via 433 MHz
    • If the FOBs respond with serial numbers that match an authorized list, the control module will pulse the unlock motor for 1/2 second to unlock the handle

  • Powerlock/unlock motor integrated into handle to reduce assembly and space needs of vehicle
  • Maintains lock cylinder for mechanical override in case of power disruption
    • TriMark KeyOne Plus for "One Key - One Vehicle" convenience

  • Readily adaptable to a variety of door thickness with adjustable connecting linkage assembly
  • PTC overload to protect motor against excessive heating
  • Best in class features, flexibility and performance all in one package allowing fewer system configurations



  • With perimeter gasket and spacers to facilitate mounting and provide resistance to water and dirt infiltration
  • Non-power locking version and non-capacitive sense version
  • Standard Deutsch sealed connector  - 8 pin socket plug. (Connector customizations are available)
  • In 12V and 24V versions


  • Handle and base: Glass reinforced nylon
  • Threaded inserts: Brass
  • Potted (polyurethane resin) PCB board ensures environmental protection and durability


  • Same mounting pattern as 020-0800 and 020-0850 Pull Handles — mounts against glass with only two holes or steel with conventional mounting
  • Installed with (3) M6 x 1.0 bolts (not included)
  • Recommended mounting fastener torque to be 5.6-6.7 N-m (50-59 lbf-in)

U.S. Patent No. 7,819,440 / 10,385,594

Caution: Product does not meet the locking requirements for FMVSS 206 (ECE R11).

Individual part dimensions are for reference only. Refer to individual part drawings for complete dimensions, specifications, and installation procedures. Engineering assistance and application drawings are available.

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Typical Uses

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020-0870 Power Locking Pull Handle With Capacitive Sensor - PKE

  • Agricultural Tractor / Combine

    Exterior Personnel Doors

  • Construction - Heavy Earthmoving

    Exterior Personnel Doors

  • Construction - Lifting and Material Handling

    Exterior Personnel Doors

  • Construction - Light Earthmoving

    Exterior Personnel Doors

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0200870-2-04-0-01-02-91210.0250.0000-1-20717.01-1-1-135536-02 24V No key No key No key Non-master keyed/keyed alike LKCYL,TD,KS210,D250,NM,0 No NA 0 keys Yes YesA/A
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