140-0100 TriGuard Heavy Duty Cam Lock

This heavy duty cam lock module is designed to be located in high stress areas and used as a primary mechanism for securing personnel doors, rear doors, hatches and windows or as a secondary mechanism in conjunction with a primary door latch. Providing additional strength and security, it can be used singularly or in multiples and can be operated and controlled via rods or cables from a central release such as TriMark's 010-1000 Inside Release Handle.


  • Heavy duty modular construction is received fully assembled and tested
  • Integrated detent holds the cam in 90 degree orientations
  • Square drive detail allows for interior handle attachment and exterior emergency release


  • Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation to lock
  • Customization features available
  • Please inquire - special cases and mounting details


  • High strength steel construction
  • Heat treated cam and cross shaft


  • Zinc plated, clear chromate steel components
  • Optional finishes available including: Black Magni coating, Tan/Olive CARC paint and Tan/Olive powder coating


  • Easy to install, module mounts with (3) M8 x 1.25 Class 8.8 fasteners
  • Tighten to the manufacturers' recommended torque value
  • For best results, lock cam to have minimal clearance to the door frame 1.0mm-2.0mm (0.040"-0.080")

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Typical Uses

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140-0100 TriGuard Heavy Duty Cam Lock

  • Armored Vehicle

    Exterior Personnel Doors

    Interior Personnel Doors

    Rear Doors


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1400100-110015128756-01Clockwise Rotation to Lock,10mm Diameter Through Axles,Zinc Plate/Clear Chromate,15.8mm Square Internal/External DriveA/A
1400100-210015128757-01Counter-Clockwise Rotation to Lock,10mm Diameter Through Axles,Zinc Plate/Clear Chromate,15.8mm Square Internal/External DriveA/A
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