100-0800 Rod Collars

Designed to facilitate the connection between the latch and handles for remote actuation this product provides for easy assembly and adjustability of hardware.

Designed For

  • Connecting the latch and handles for remote actuation
  • Provides for easy assembly and adjustability of hardware


  • In two styles; staked-on retention and an easy clip-on retainer


  • Die cast zinc collars - clear chromate steel collars - zinc plate/clear chromate


  • Die cast zinc, machined steel, aluminum or stainless steel


  • Rod collars can be pre-installed by TriMark or attached at the point of door assembly

Note: Rod collars are not intended or recommended for use in applications that require FMVSS 206 (ECE R11) compliance or applications that have heavy or extreme striker bolt loads (> 25 lbs./ 11 kg.) and/or high to extreme usage (> 100,000 door cycles/life).

Typical Uses

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100-0800 Rod Collars

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